The Law Firm Administrator

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Cost per Month:   TBD
Cost per year TBD
  • This will be tied to our products page and has a one year term.
  • Designed “How to Manuals” such as “Case Manager Manual”, “
  • How to Manuals
  • Discounted services to Law Firm Coach 25% of fee below
    • Development Weekend
    • Bootcamps (Takes place in Raleigh, North Carolina)  Hotel, Meals, etc. paid by attendee – Bootcamps are working seminars with manuals that are designed to teach the attendee how to.
      • How to be an effective Firm Administrator
      • How to be an effective Non-Trial Case Manager -trial personal injury case manager manual
      • How to be an effective Trial Paralegal
      • How to manage, master, and market your law firm –
      • Client Service Development) with a developed client service plan
      • “From Hiring to Firing – Getting the Best of the Best.  How to Manage Your People
      • Leadership 101

The Lawyers Lounge

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  • This will be tied to our products page and we are not ready yet.  So this is a future option.
  • Products designed for non-trial personal injury law firms
  • Human resources
  • High Performance Teams
  • Strategic Plan
  • Implementation plan from  strategic plan
  • Annual Update of plans
  • Dare to Dream – Personal and Professional Development Weekend
  • Manual and process drafting (requires estimate)
  • Key Performance Indicator Development
  • Profit Center Design
  • Human Resources Overview
  • Marketing on a Shoe String Projects

The Law Library

The General membership

Cost per month:  TBD
Business Leader, Law Firm Coach, and CatalystWay.
  • Access to our free general products library