Why is it so complicated

Have you ever had a conversation start with the comment: Don’t make it so complicated?  It has been my experience that you didn’t make it complicated; it already was.  It can be on any subject from cashing a check to going on vacation.  The problem is usually related to all the behind the scenes work that has to happen first.  Most of the time you have some warning time to react and everything gets done.  Nobody knows what was done or really cares.  Here is the difference with an unplanned event with little or no reaction time.  It is Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend and someone says, let’s jump in the car and drive to the coast.  I say, OK, give me about a half an hour and I will be ready.  The response back is why.  Well I say, I need to get some gas, the car needs service, and I need to transfer some money.  Then it happens, why do you make it so complicated.  Well first of all, none of those items were complicated and all were already in existence, so the best course of action is to just resolve the issues.