Common Sense Ways to manage, master and market your law firm

Do you want a law firm practice with:

  • Less lost hours
  • More structured work environment
  • Utilization of best business practices
  • Strong administration of the firm under your direction
  • Improved productivity
  • Better client satisfaction
  • Trackable reports for management of the firm
  • Profitable Return on investment
  • More family or me time

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Stop reinventing the wheel. Our subscription service combines the experience, forms and magic of those who’ve built successful law firms.

Building a common-sense law firm means that it should be simple, easy to understand, and utilize the best business practices to create profit. Law Firm Whisperer has practical, time-tested tools, tips and forms for running cases that will achieve better client satisfaction and quality work product. We believe in high performance staff and have created many products to build this into a law firm.  Our expertise in personal injury law firms has allowed us to develop efficient case management and tracking of productivity.

Learn the LAW FIRM WHISPERER Approach at Your Pace

By joining Law Firm Whisperer, you will have access to all our processes, products and forms we have been painstakingly developed over 25 years. As we create new processes and procedures, you will get the benefit of these tools. The subscriptions are reasonably priced.

You  only need one new case to pay for the annual fee (or pay monthly if you prefer).

Come join us to create balance in your work and outside life, while still making a profit

Products focused on personal injury law firms

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